Paris Kyne
Master Milliner

Trust Me, Believe Me, Thrill Me

The Spring Launch of 2005. Shown in the Prop Room, Mannequin Revolution, Jessie Street, Richmond. The Prop Room contains approximately 300 naked mannequins, Paris added 5 live models dressed in Cinema Haute Couture and asked during his welcome speech “Who is real, who is fake, what do we perceive as real beauty and the ideal body shape? Is perfection just illusion?”

And the press wrote - “Trust self described “Master Milliner” Paris Kyne to come up with something spectacular and wacky for his Spring-Summer collection launch.... His latest hats, made in a whirlwind timetable of six weeks, are astounding. One which he calls the Stingray, is 120cm wide and 70cm tall in the back. ‘You won’t fit through a tram door’ he says.”
Herald Sun, Rachelle, 20 August 2005, page 115
“Paris in Springtime, Master Milliner Paris Kyne launched his new collection of stunning hats on Tuesday just in time for spring racing shoppers. From the floppy feminine sun hat to the stunning headwear with attitude. Kyne creates all his pieces by hand.”
City Weekly 18 August 2005, page 9