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Birds of Paradise (2011) GPO Altitude show (2009) Attention to Detail (2008) Fashion Hall of Fame (2008)
Just a Moment (2007) Neptunes' Angels (2006) Masterworks In Wire (2006) Trust Me, Believe Me, THRILL ME (2005)
A Fiery Romance (2004) Substance of Dreams (2003) Theatre of Fashion (2002) Exhibitions

Paris Kyne
These photos feature The Birds of Paradise 2011, the Complete History of Lust 2011, Moomba 2010, Paris with a client in 2009, Attention to Detail, Here Kitty and Stonnington Fashion Hall of Fame Induction in 2008, The Portable Iron Houses in 2007, Mannequin Revolution in 2005, then Melbourne City Baths in 2003, and end with 1995 at Flemington.
Diane Masters and Paris Kyne Paris at work Lustable boys
diane_masters_and_paris_kyne_CMYK.tif paris_at_work_CMYK.tif lustable_boys_CMYK.tif
Kate, Molly and Paris Paris with client Attention to detail
kate_molly_and_paris_CMYK.tif paris_with_client_CMYK.tif attention_to_detail_CMYK.tif
Here Kitty Paris with The Chandelier A Chapter of Fractured Fairy Tales
here_kitty_CMYK.tif paris_with_the_chandelier_CMYK.tif chapter_fractured_fairy_tales_CMYK.tif
look_at_me_CMYK paris_kyne_2003_CMYK winter_at_flemington_CMYK
look_at_me_CMYK.tif paris_kyne_2003_CMYK.jpg winter_at_flemington_CMYK.jpg
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The Birds of Paradise (2011)
This spring launch and collection were inspired by the books, "Birds of Paradise" by Clifford B. Frith and Dawn W. Frith and "Feathers for Phoebe" by Rod Clement

the Buff-tailed bird of paradise the Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia bird of paradise the Blue bird of paradise
buff_tailed_bird_of_paradise_CMYK.tif ribbon-tailed_astrapia_bird_of_paradise_CMYK.tif blue_bird_of_paradise_CMYK.tif
Raggiana bird of paradise Zelda Phoebe
raggiana_bird_of_paradise_CMYK.tif zelda_CMYK.tif phoebe_CMYK.tif
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GPO Altitude show (2009)
In 2009 Melbourneís GPO three fashion parades up on level one

White Brown colour
white_CMYK.tif brown_CMYK.tif colour_CMYK.tif
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Attention to Detail (2008)
In May 2008 a major photo shoot was staged at the salon, which included the workroom and culminated in the incredible Here Kitty image.

The Waratah The Nouveau Toy Topper Salon Interior
waratah_CMYK.tif nouveau_toy_topper_CMYK.tif salon_interior_CMYK.tif
Workroom Interior    
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Fashion Hall of Fame (2008)
In February 2008 Paris was inducted into the prestigious City of Stonnington Fashion Hall of Fame.
For the event Paris presented seven pieces from the past as well as eight created especially for the event. The night ceremony closed with Paris and a model wearing The Chandelier walking down the gold catwalk together.
Fellini's Earth The Flying Nun sleeping beauty CMYK.jpg
fellinis_earth_CMYK.tif the_flying_nun_CMYK.tif gold_waved_turban_CMYK.tif
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Just a Moment (2007)
The Spring launch of 2007 staged at the National Trustís Portable Iron Houses in South Melbourne.
Every hat and head piece that we have made for this season has been inspired by European folklore, but we have mixed them up slightly, so that they are fractured fairytales.
hall ludlow tribute.jpg rumplestiltskin CMYK.jpg sleeping beauty CMYK.jpg
hall_ludlow_tribute_CMYK.tif rumplestiltskin_CMYK.tif sleeping_beauty_CMYK.tif
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Neptunes' Angels (2006)
The Spring launch of September 2006 shown in the Coral Atoll at Melbourne Aquaruim.
This year every piece we created was inspired by the sea and its' inhabitants.
the_golden_hull_CMYK taras_shell_CMYK showgirl_named_coral_CMYK
the_golden_hull_CMYK.tif taras_shell_CMYK.tif showgirl_named_coral_CMYK
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Masterworks In Wire (2006)
Masterworks in Wire displayed in Chapter House Lane, behind St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne in 2006.
Six headpieces inspired by the art glass windows of St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne.
the_catch_CMYK a_dove_for_peace_CMYK a_twisted_rose_CMYK
the_catch_CMYK.tif a_dove_for_peace_CMYK.tif a_twisted_rose_CMYK.tif
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Trust Me, Believe Me, THRILL ME (2005)
The Spring launch of August 2005 shown in the Prop Room of Mannequin Revolution.
This firm have restored all of Paris's mannequin head collection over the years and as Paris always wanted to stage a launch with a cast of thousands, why not use a venue with hundreds of naked plaster mannequins to fill in as the extras?
tn_eclipse_me_CMYK show_me_CMYK corner_me_CMYK
eclipse_me_CMYK.tif show_me_CMYK.tif corner_me_CMYK.tif
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A Fiery Romance (2004)
The Spring Launch of August 2004 shown in the Engine Room of the Fire Services Museum.
Red was the colour of Spring 2004 so a Fire Station was an obvious venue choice with its huge red and gold engines waiting to be whisked away by men in very stylish uniforms and matching hats.
caged_romance_CMYK.tif spontanious_combustion_CMYK.tif thread_of_doubt_GRAYSCALE.tif
caged_romance_CMYK.tif spontanious_combustion_CMYK.tif thread_of_doubt_GRAYSCALE.tif
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Substance of Dreams (2003)
The Spring launch of August 2003 shown on the balcony over the pool at the Melbourne City Baths.
Paris trains in the gym out behind the pool so this was always going to be a launch venue, with the turquoise of the pool bouncing off the roof.
dark_opera_house_CMYK public_baths_CMYK substance_of_dreams_GRAYSCALE
dark_opera_house_CMYK.jpg public_baths_CMYK.tif substance_of_dreams_GRAYSCALE
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Theatre of Fashion (2002)
The Spring launch of August 2002 shown in the Dame Nellie Melba Foyer at Her Majesty's Theatre.
Paris is addicted to art and theatre, with its music, costumes and sets never falls to provide inspiration.
nina_in_orange_CMYK a_lady_amhurst_CMYK.tif lounge_CMYK.tif
nina_in_orange_CMYK.jpg a_lady_amhurst_CMYK.tif lounge_CMYK.tif
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Past Exhibitions have been inspired by surrealism, architecture, 1941 Berlin, feathers, chicken wire and Paris's muse.
Then of course there are the exhibitions ideas that will probably never be used, including the self explanatory "13 hats that Grace Jones should wear."
the_propella_GRAYSCALE melbourne_terrace_CMYK mermaids_bottom_CMYK
the_propella_GRAYSCALE.jpg melbourne_terrace_CMYK.jpg mermaids_bottom_CMYK.jpg
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