Paris Kyne
Master Milliner

Paris Kyne in 2012 / 13

The year 2012 is Derby 138 and my stockiest for this season is Rodeo Drive at the Holiday Manor Center in Louisville, Kentucky. I sent over loads of brightly coloured stock and also some amazing, very large orders, mainly of large slightly floppy brims with tightly twisted crowns. This new style has been named Derby 138, so no surprises there.

This year's exhibition was titled, "Warped, Twisted and then Wrapped", it focuses on 3D wirework, which simply put is a frame made out of wire that is then covered in braid. I used vintage Swiss petti pearl braid in all these works. Each of the eight pieces has been hand sculptured (warped), then the wires are joined together (twisted) and finally the completed frame is covered in braid (wrapped). The exhibition was installed into the lobby of Crown Promenade Hotel for a three week period.

This year's collection "A Paradise Lost" was inspired by the Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) and the heliconias which are also known as false birds of paradise. 'Eight stunning models in a truly captivating venue showed my imaginary, fantasy land of line, texture and silhouette.'

This year also saw the first classes offered at our new "The William Beale School of Millinery". A very boutique school of millinery where we never use the "F" word. The school will never have more than seven students in each class and we will specialize in the latest and also lost techniques of millinery. Classes currently on offer include turban making, toy hats out of strawbraid, feathered flower making and blocking millinery veiling.


This year on the 17th May marks my commencement of work at Melbourne Hats in Collingwood. Threrfore celebrations are planned to commemorate my 25 year anniversary dedicated to the art of millinery.

This year's exhibition is titled "The Head Architect" and celebrates my twenty five years dedicated to the art of couture millinery. The exhibition shows one piece from all the past exhibitions and includes one piece from a yet to be realised exhibition. If this exhibition is ever was to be staged it will be called the "Twelve Trials of Hercules" with each piece of headwear based on one of his trials. The trial made for this exhibition is the labour Hercules performed in Peloponnese by removing the Stymphalian birds. These birds had steel tipped feathers with which they killed both men and animals. I would love to one day complete an exhibition that covered all twelve trials and included the thirteenth (false) trial; the killing of the Hydra.

This year will also see me co-host 7 episodes of season 5 of "Racing Fashion TV". Screened on channel 31 with host Anna Mott covering racewear fashion around the country.

- Paris Kyne

Saddly Paris passed away in late July 2013

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