Paris Kyne in 2006 / 07

The 2006 exhibition was titled “Masterworks in Wire” and shown during June in the three large display windows in Chapter House Lane, Melbourne behind St Paul’s Cathedral. The reason for this unusual location was the fact the exhibition was inspired by the art glass windows of St Paul’s Cathedral. All six pieces were made out of 633 metres of wire and 1945 glass beads, all within a four week period.

For the 2006 Spring Launch an unusual photographic idea was suggested. Put myself and a model in 1890’s reproduction swimwear and into the Melbourne Aquarium with the sharks and stingrays. I was to hold a wire work headpiece and the model wear one. Then shoot it and the press would be fabulous. A very ambitious project, the water was bitterly cold and did not taste very pleasant either, to get us both down into the water far enough , two divers had to pull us down, we then had to swim across and smile where they assumed the camera was on the other side of the glass. Plus an added difficulty, the paper wanted a shark in the shot, so the divers were always waiting for a shark to be in the right position before pulling both of us down to the photographer’s level. Oh! The photographer was on a ladder as well. It could have worked, but it did not and so now has become a great dinner party story.

The Myers Fashions on the Field competition at Flemington has seen quite a few changes in the last couple of years. One was to establish a separate designer section in an attempt to stop fashion houses entering professional models into the general competition. I competed with two labels, Cinema Haute Couture and Nicolangela. It was the nut coloured silk dress with a halter neck top and pleated skirt and matching pleated long sleeve bolero by Nicolangela that took out first prize. I made a cream straw head piece with twisted Lady Amhurst feathers to complete the look.

This year's holiday was to be to America again, but with a little bit of luck I won the Champions, Australian Racing Museum annual raffle, which included return business class Emirates flights to Europe and five nights accommodation at the Langham Hotel in London. So it was a Europe holiday at the end of the year. The highlights included seeing Cabaret at the Follies Bergere, For the Love of Three Oranges at the Opera Bastille, Rebecca in Vienna and taking an eight day escorted tour of the German and French Christmas markets. This tour took in the German medieval township of Riquewihr, surely one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Paris in 2006 Paris in 2006 Paris in 2006 Paris in 2006 Paris in 2006


Each year an exhibition is mounted in Melbourne in the winter, which gives the team something creative to get their teeth into and generates media interest. In 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky, as part of the Derby 133 festival “A View from Millionaire’s Row” was staged at Objects of Desire gallery. The exhibition showed 80 pieces made in Melbourne and shipped to America for sale for the Derby. The exhibition was presented with patterns of fake grass matting on the gallery’s metal floor and fake alfalfa sprout matting on the gallery’s display surfaces. I attended track work on two mornings and made in-store appearances in the week before attending both the Oaks and Derby. After the Derby, I spent a few days in Chicago and a few more days in LA, the highlight was a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright “Robie House” in Chicago, the use of light and line in a limited space was truly inspirational.

“Just a Moment” was the name of the Spring/Summer 07 collection launch shown at the National Trust of Australia {Victioia} 1850’s Portable Iron Houses in South Melbourne. Clothing was supplied by Black Rose, jewellery by Jeanette Maree Jewellery with hair by Mal Bradley Hair and Beauty. The theme was fractured fairy tales, think of the cannibalism in Hansel and Gretel, theft in Jack and the Beanstalk, pregnancy out of wedlock in Rapunzle and the cross dressing wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Throw in a couple of ugly step sisters, a few deceitful dwarfs, cursed slippers and bewitched spinning wheels and there is so much to inspire.

Each year Racing Victoria Limited produces a creative concept, a look for the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival. This is used on bill boards, posters, the sides of Melbourne’s famous trams and all the advertising and promotion for the carnival. The 07 concept saw five punters and a jockey standing in a giant silver stirrup. All three female models sported Paris Kyne hats and headpieces with matching Jenny Bannister and Lisa Barron clothing. The tag line for the campaign was “It’s bigger than you think” and the 07 carnival certainly was in many ways.

Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007 Paris in 2007