Paris Kyne
Master Milliner

Birds Of Paradise

The spring launch of 2011, Inspired by the books, “Birds of Paradise” by Clifford B. Frith and Dawn W. Frith and “Feathers for Phoebe” by Rod Clement. Staged at Madame Brussels, Bourke Street, Melbourne. Models included the legendery Diane Masters as the Buff-tailed bird of paradise, Elise May as the Blue bird of paradise, Ajah Dau as the Emperor bird of paradise, La-Toyah James Raggiana bird of paradise, Lydia Licorice as Phoebe, Nicole De Silva as Zelda and Paris Kyne as the Birdcatcher.

And the press wrote – “Master milliner Paris Kyne has one motto in life – “expect the unexpected and expect the best”. It’s a philosophy he proudly lives by, and has inspired some of the country’s most eccentric and colourful headpieces.”The Weekly Review, 7 September 2011, page 15
“....a fluttering of wings and wild flashes of colour were on display at the launch.” Herald Sun, Confidential, 27 August, 2011, page 104

The Buff-tailed bird of paradise, a black Swiss strawbraid satellite dish with a white sinamay extended edge, mounted onto a covered head band and trimmed with vintage black and white tie dyed egret.
This entire piece was designed for and inspired by Dianne Masters, in celebration of her contribution to Australian fashion.

The character of Phoebe wanted to be the most beautiful bird in the forest. Therefore we have designed a multi coloured, silver pheasant, acid dipped ostrich and hackle tailed bird. The wings have been hand sculptured out of silver beading wire and red bugle beads with the body being a mass of hand sewn red and pink bugle and seed beads. The bird has been mounted onto an apricot sinamay and strawbraid beret.